Annandale Village is distinguished by an outstanding, highly skilled professional staff that are dedicated to helping its clients achieve personal growth and fulfillment.  The day-to-day operations are directed by its Chief Executive Officer, Adam Pomeranz, and managed by seven senior managers who oversee various departments to ensure that policies and programs are appropriately implemented.  Annandale Village employs a total of 147 individuals, of which 94 are full-time, 13 are part-time, and 40 work on a PRN (as situation demands) basis.


Adam Pomeranz
Chief Executive Officer
(770) 945-8381

Faith Bishop-Rogers, RN
Director of Health Services
(678) 765-4848

Keith Fenton
Chief Development & Marketing Officer
(770) 932-4887

Laura Gourley
Chief Financial Officer
(678) 765-4849

Michele Greenwell
Chief Compliance Officer & Villager Advocate
(770) 932-4857

Brandi Meadows
Skilled Nursing Facility Administrator
(770) 932-3589

Shirley Nicely
Human Resources Manager
(770) 945-8381

Nancy Trujillo
Chief Operating Officer
(770) 932-4888


Jeremy Kelley
Facilities & Property Manager
(770) 932-4883

Teresa Clayborn
Director of Admissions
(770) 945-8381

Nancy Boster
Social Services Manager
(770) 932-4855

Jeff Jansma
Program Center Manager
(678) 765-4846

Ed Nunez
Residential Manager
(770) 932-4889

Sandy Weaver
Assessment & Curriculum Coordinator
(770) 932-4853

Chanae Robinson
Activities Coordinator
(678) 765-4834