The 54-acre campus of Annandale Village provides a serene setting for the residents, staff and participants of our programs. Upon passing under the Annandale gate, many guests have described their first impression of our campus to be like a wooded resort – an oasis from the busy city and suburbs surrounding us.

Gateway to campus of Annandale VillageThe Laura Grier Center for Special Care, including the D. Scott Hudgens Center for Skilled Nursing, boasts a fully accessible and shaded ‘park’ complete with benches, pavilions and a swing that residents can enjoy year round. Several deer and horses make their home on a small tract of land behind the center which includes a traditional red barn. Residents and participants of our programs enjoy the therapeutic benefit of interacting with the horses – reminders of the original farm that was the focus of our campus in the early 1970’s.

The Amy Somers Center for Continued Care is the newest addition to our residential offerings. Most of our residential homes, (as well as the Villager Services Building and Berry Dining Hall) have been newly refurbished or designed in the Arts and Crafts style which adds to the ‘camp’ or ‘resort’ look to our campus. When visiting our grounds, it is not uncommon for visitors, guests and families to see our Villagers on the porches, gazebos and patios of the buildings in the rocking chairs and other furnishings enjoying social time with friends or a moment of solitude.

The Patricia Brown Programs Center houses the Vocational, Recreation, and Arts and Academics options for the Villagers. A versatile facility that has a large workshop(complete with a loading dock to receive and load supplies contracted with local companies), full-sized gym, indoor pool, creative arts room, computer lab, sensory room, and a large meeting space that is often used by community partners. The Programs Center tends to be the hub of activity on campus during the week and the central pick up and drop off point for most community outings – our buses, golf carts and vans are always on the move.

Health Services Building at Annandale VillageAnnandale Village, its administration and Board, are always striving to keep our programs and services current and viable, without losing the amenities that make our setting unique. Our goal is for every Villager to feel not only safe and comfortable on our grounds, but have the freedom to explore those special places that will provide them some solace if needed – the very opposite of institutional life. It may be in the orchard picking apples, at the Holland-Corley Chapel singing along with a Sunday service, walking the nature trail with a friend, or at Jackson House sipping a smoothie at the Day Program’s café on a Friday – the Annandale campus offers endless possibilities.

Family of deer on the campus of Annandale Village