Ideally located 30 miles northeast from the heart of downtown Atlanta, the campus of Annandale Village is as beautiful as it is safe and welcoming. Often described by visitors as a wooded oasis, the picturesque campus offers 55-acres of billowing trees, lush landscaping, and an assortment of natural wildlife in a park-like setting.

Annandale Village GatewayAnnandale’s architecturally distinctive buildings and well-maintained facilities offers all the amenities required for a vibrant self-contained community. While the harmonious grouping of buildings encourages natural social interactions, the openness of the Village gives rise to independence and sense of freedom to explore those special places for moments of solitude.

Set only a short walking distance from one another alongside shaded pedestrian pathways, the campus features ten charmingly appointed residences, including two newly constructed centers for assisted living, and the D. Scott Hudgens Center for Skilled Nursing. In addition, the campus comprises outdoor walking trails and recreational facilities, social and event centers, a health clinic, dining facilities, the Corley-Holland chapel, and the Patricia M. Brown Center for Programs.

Serving as the centerpiece for academic, social, cultural, and wellness enrichment, the 25,000 square foot Patricia M. Brown Center for Programs boasts a full sized gymnasium, indoor pool, game room, vocational workshop, art gallery, computer lab, educational classrooms, and multi-purpose meeting rooms.

Several deer and horses make their home on a small tract of land behind the center which includes a traditional red barn. Residents and participants of our programs enjoy the therapeutic benefit of interacting with the horses – reminders of the original farm that was the focus of our campus in the early 1970’s.

Annandale Village, its administration and Board, are always striving to keep our programs and services current and viable, without losing the amenities that make our setting unique. Our goal is for every Villager to feel not only safe and comfortable on our grounds, but have the freedom to explore those special places that will provide them some solace if needed – the very opposite of institutional life. It may be in the orchard picking apples, at the Holland-Corley Chapel singing along with a Sunday service, walking the nature trail with a friend, or at Jackson House sipping a smoothie at the Day Program’s café on a Friday – the Annandale campus offers endless possibilities.

Family of deer on the campus of Annandale Village