Here at Annandale Village we focus strongly on working independently with each Villager in recognition of their individuality to improve their quality of life according to his or her own unique needs and abilities, and to foster their own individual goals and ambitions. Through a collective team effort working with case managers, health services professionals, therapy professionals, activities and program directors, family, friends, and the individual, following the Person Centered Approach model we work to provide the greatest opportunity for a successful and fulfilled life here at Annandale Village.

Person Centered Approach
A Person Centered Approach puts the person with the disability at the center of planning, listens deeply to them and their family and friends, learns over time what is they want for their life now and in the future and then acts on it. This approach creates a process of continual listening and learning, focused on what is important to that person now and in the future. Planning is centered and focused on the individual, and once a plan is in place; through the collective efforts of therapists, doctors, and other professionals needed services and programs are coordinated to reach that individual’s goals and aspirations.

These may include:

  • Housing
  • Financial/Medical Benefits
  • Skill Building
  • Employment Opportunities
  • Education Opportunities
  • Medical Care
  • Psychiatric Services
  • Natural and Community Supports