Our residents and their families share their thoughts on Annandale Village:

Smiling faces of those in which we serve“Our beautiful, outgoing daughter suffers some brain trauma resulting from brain and skull tumors and the resulting treatments she endured as an infant and child. She is now our feisty, so determined, thirty-one year old miracle. She has been living in her own “apt” at Lotz House in Annandale Village and is thriving and enjoying classes at Gwinnett Tech, There is no other “home” than our own that we would consider her living in. The staff at Annandale truly understands developmental disabilities and treats the “Villagers” with the compassion, dignity and respect they deserve, and like the unique individuals they are.”

“For me, living at Annandale Village and being a Villager is like living in a fantasy world. It is a place where the employees trust us to live our lives with a lot of responsibility. Our living accommodations are super and the field trips we take are fantastic. My world is complete here and I love it at Annandale. Annandale Village is #1 in my heart.”

“I have first-hand knowledge of Annandale’s outstanding services to provide care for adults with mental retardation and developmental abilities. My brother has resided at Annandale for more than 20 years. Robert was born with Cerebral Palsy that affected him both mentally and physically.  The quality of Annandale’s staff and the level of commitment to the Villagers in their care has been outstanding in the years my brother has been a resident. He calls Annandale his home.”

“Being a Villager is good. I like riding bicycles. I like going out on trips to restaurants. I like when my family comes to visit. I like sitting by the fire when it’s cold. I like Annandale Village because I have a lot of friends. I like the activities, especially the bike club. I like taking walks around the houses. The Christmas party is fun because we exchange gifts.”

Amy of Annandale Village“Our daughter, Amy, has resided in Annandale Village for twenty-six years, since November 1986. We have had the opportunity to see in depth the opportunity for growth regardless of disability and the dignity with which each Villager is treated by the very caring staff.”

“Being a Villager here at Annandale means being in the Special Olympics. There are Case Managers if we have problems. We have good food in the cafeteria. There are nurses if we need medical help. There are parties to honor every holiday.”

“I think it is nice to be a Villager. I like helping others. I get to do a lot of things like learning about new places in the art room. I also get to go to a lot of activities. I love Annandale Village and all my friends here.”